Is Innovation Borrowing Ideas From Nature?

More than one Nobel Prize winner has said that their creative ideas benefit from nature’s inspiration. So, how on earth does nature affect those people? You may find the clue to this question in the exhibition “Mother Nature: Inspiration for Innovation” which opened in Shanghai Natural History Museum yesterday.



This exhibition is from the National Science Museum of Thailand and will last for three months. This exhibition will reexamine nature from the perspective of bionics. Through the demonstration of a large number of bionic design cases, combined with vivid and amazing videos, interesting interactive devices, well-made samples and models, it fully shows creative design inspired by nature.



Three students from Thailand and their teacher developed a water storage device modeled after pineapple plants. This device let won the Stockholm Water Award of Sweden in 2016.



The benefits of being close to nature lie not only in raising curiosity, but also in developing a scientific intuition.


Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan