Islands Of Culture Planned At Lingang Art Center

According to a plan announced Tuesday by the Lingang Management Committee, the emerging community of Lingang in the Pudong New Area will have a world-class art center in 2023. Covering an area of 60,000 square meters and featuring a 1,500-seat theater and a 400-seat multifunctional hall, it will be built on the biggest of Dishui Lake’s three islands.



Here are some more of the plans for the new areas that, to us, sound pretty exciting.


There are three islands on Dishui Lake, the western, southern and northern island: the western island will eventually hold business and commercial properties where visitors can also take in music festivals and bask in some nature.



The southern island is intended to be a place for weekend getaways with a five-star hotel and a yacht marina. Some important events such as the Future City Forum and the World Top Scientists Forum will be held here.



A new art center will be built on the Northern Island, representing a harmonious relation between humans and nature, as well as the perfect combination of scientific spirit and artistic beauty.



With all of these exciting plans in store, it is sure to become a new cultural landmark attracting world-class artists and collectives to gather in Lingang.


Source: Shanghai Fa Bu

Editor: Chen Shuang (Intern)