It’s Going To Get Very Wet, And Very Hot

The flood season will begin on June 1 this year, according to Shanghai Meteorological Bureau on Tuesday.


The bureau said there will be more rain and hot days during the flood season, which will last until the end of October.


Two or three typhoons are expected to affect us this year. Last year the figure was six, though the intensity may be greater this year.


Dong Rong, head of the bureau, said El Nino will bring greater uncertainty.


There will be a significant increase in rainfall from last year’s 543.2 millimeters.


The plum rains will start around middle of June and last until mid-July, longer than average. Estimated precipitation will be 240-340 millimeters, a lot more than last year’s 134.5 millimeters.


There will be up to 8 days over 37 degrees Celcius during the flood season. Last year there was only one.


Hazards may be caused by the heat and rain, including urban waterlogging, lightning and gales.


Since the typhoons will be strong, Dong suggested precautions be taken at glass curtain walls on high-rise buildings, shade trees and other objects that may fall because of the wind.


Shanghai Transport Commission has listed all 575 underpasses where flooding may occur, with plans made for each of them.


The Road Administration Bureau has prepared pump trucks, pumps, generators and emergency vehicles for possible floods or blackouts.


Although the flood season will have passed by the end of October, the emergency response will not be lifted before the second China International Import Expo finishes in November, officials said.


Source: SHINE