The Man Tending The Flowers Of Sino-Japanese Relations

Mr. Fujimoto Michio has contributed to friendly Sino-Japanese relations for the past 30 years, promoting economic and social communication between Shanghai’s Jiading District and Japan’s Wake District. He also specializes in plant cultivation and is very knowledgeable in the planting, growing, and caring of Wisteria vines. It’s safe to say that without Mr. Fujimoto, the Jiading Wisteria Garden would not exist.



Fujimoto Michio is now 88, but he continues to visit Jiading multiple times every year to prune the vines. He hopes that the Wisteria, as a symbol of Sino-Japanese friendship, will continue to bloom.



Mr. Fujimoto has received the title of “Honorary Citizen of Shanghai” in 2018 for his contributions to this city.



Editor: Zhu Yan,Lannie Deng

Camera: Shen Jiajun