Keeping Summer Traditions Alive

Traditionally, Shanghainese spend their summer nights in the lanes, waving their cattail leaf fans and having a chat with their neighbors.



However, ever since the temperature is getting higher and higher and people have air-conditioners, the old-school traditions have gradually disappeared. Less and less people are willing to go outside and hang out with their neighbors.





This summer, local communities have organized many activities aimed at bringing back the old traditions and bringing people together.


Wonderful Activities to Drive Away Summer Heat


The Guangzhong Subdistrict in Hongkou District has an African drum class and three character classic classes for teenagers in the community. They also have tea classes for tea fans. Many families have signed up for the classes during summer time.







Parent-Child Interaction with Nature


The subdistricts in Pudong New Area are paying more attention to parent-child interactions as young families account for a large proportion of the total population in the area. So they created natural areas for young parents and their children to interact with the nature.



Sharing Shelter for Local Residents


10 years ago, Shanghai’s first citizen service station for local residents was established in Hongkou District. The station is equipped with a canteen, medical care and day care for elderly people, enabling local residents, especially the old people to enjoy the summer.






In the modern era, Shanghainese have more options to spend the summer, but staying together is the oldest and probably still the best.





Source: Xin Min Evening Newspaper

Editor: Bonnie Lu