Kick-off Soon At Biggest Sports Park

A sports park being built in Jiading District and said to be the city’s biggest should be completed next month.


The first phase of the Shanghai Citizen Sports Park, covering 420,000 square meters near the Shanghai International Circuit, includes 18 standard football pitches, 32 half-size pitches and 25 basketball courts.


Over 30 percent of the new park’s area will be greenbelt and gardens, and there will be over 5,600 square meters of support facilities for sports education, training, experience and various exhibitions, according to Shanghai Construction Group.


The site will be used for public exercise, professional and amateur games as well as sports training for juveniles.


When construction began in February last year, the company applied a GPRS positioning system to ensure the flatness of the ball game fields controlled within a centimeter, said project leader Zhu Tieliang.


“The site was originally a piece of abandoned farmland with several creeks and roads,” said Zhu. “The land has been processed and leveled to meet the requirements of professional pitches.”


Several creeks and roads have been retained to separate venues.





Most of the fields and two sightseeing bridges have already been completed and work on audience seating and greenery is ongoing.


The park will encourage more people to take up sports as an activity, the city government said, and improve their lives and their health.


The government said it plans to encourage nearly half of local residents to take part in sports regularly by 2020.


Work on other sports venues is also in full swing. They include Xujiahui Sports Park, Pudong Football Stadium and Chongming National Sports Training Base, while a basketball arena, horse-riding park, sailing training base and cycling center are also in the pipeline.


Xujiahui Sports Park, covering 359,600 square meters, will include running tracks and spacious green areas.


The Xujiahui park will stay open round the clock and incorporate the existing stadium, gymnasium and swimming pool, along with high-rise office building Dongya Mansion. All four structures are currently being renovated.


Source: SHINE