Know Your Zodiac: The Fascinating Lives Of Pigs

We are just about to enter the Year of the Pig, and you may be familiar with Peppa Pig, but how much do you really know about these adorable little guys? Pigs are actually smarter than chimpanzees and can run faster than we can ride a bicycle.


All of this information and more awaits you at the “Pig is Good” exhibition at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. It covers 9,000 years of history that pigs share with humans through bilingual introductions, pig specimens, videos and interactive games.



In the exhibition, 57 items are displayed, showing that bones can be used to make bullets, skin to make facial masks, blood to make cigarette filters, fat to make soap, and the pancreas used to make insulin, among many others.



There are also some interesting activities that are designed for children. Children can learn to make accessories like pig-shaped pendants and build a farm for baby pigs.



The exhibition will last until April 28, and admission is free to museum ticket holders. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum will close between February 2 to 4, as well as every Monday.


Source: Knews, Xinhuanet, Xinmin Evening Newspaper

Editor: Bonnie Lu