Koreans Bring ‘The Sea And The Island’ To Shanghai

On December 22nd, the 2018 Special Invitational Exhibition the Sea & the Island Cultural Salon, co-sponsored by the Korean Cultural Center in Shanghai and La Mer Et L’ile, had its grand opening at the Shanghai Korean Cultural Center.



The event included two exhibitions and classical concerts from 23 South Korean artists and more than 40 works spanning painting, installation and photography, attracting many from Shanghai’s Chinese and Korean literary and art circles as well as over 200 Shanghai residents to visit.


La Mer Et L’ile – French for ‘sea and island’, is the first international iteration of the event series, aimed at showing off the beautiful island of Korea. The participating artists strove to introduce Shanghai audiences to Korean history and culture through their varied works.




Audiences were treated to a visual feast for the opening ceremony, attended also by performers Choi Yeonu, Kim Jihun, Kang Hyejung, Kim hyoyeong and Park Noeul who performed at the event.


Mr. Choi Youngsam, Consul General of South Korea in Shanghai expressed sincere gratitude to the staff and artists who worked hard to prepare for the event. He said “China and South Korea have a similar history and cultural traditions in the economy. In this context, the construction of a closer economic and cultural cooperation relationship can not only tap its enormous potential, but also meet the fundamental interests of both countries. Today, this exhibition in parallel with the classical concert is based on the history and culture of Korea. In this context, the activities are more profound.”





Dean Seo Dong Wuk, from the Korean Cultural Center in Shanghai, said through the welcoming speech of the event, ” the Sea & the Island exhibition will show the unique islands of the Republic of Korea and their history through art and music. I hope that each one touches your heartstrings.”


The exhibition will continue until January 31, 2019. Interested patrons are invited to bring their ID card to the 3rd floor of the Korean Cultural Center in Shanghai for free entry.


Editor: Lily