Li Ning-From Gymnastics Prince To Business Tycoon #CHINAICONS

The Olympic games have always been regarded as the biggest stage for the most talented people in the world to perform on. Millions of people around the world passionately cheer in front of their TV screens to see their heroes conquer the world with their athletic feats, and one of such hero for China was Li Ning. His appearance on the stadium would be followed by the thunder of applause, because Li Ning was, the prince of the gymnastics.




Li is most famous for winning six medals during the 1984 Summer Olympics, the first Olympics in which the People’s Republic of China participated. He won three gold medals (in floor exercise, pommel horse, and rings), two silver medals, and one bronze medal, becoming the most decorated Chinese athlete at the first Olympics that China participated in since the founding of the People’s Republic in October 1949.



But after a series of unfortunate events his career took an unconventional turn on the road to entrepreneurship. A new sportswear brand, founded by Li Ning, aimed to become the leading brand in China. In 2009, its sales revenue reached 8.387 billion Yuan, which was close to being NO.1 in China. But very soon the company faced some difficult circumstances, challenging Li Ning to make some very sharp decisions. The same courage and vitality that lifted Li Ning in his performance in the Olympics, also lifted his company in times of crisis. Li Ning performed many miracles on the athletic stage, now it was time for some miracles to happen in the business world.




Li Ning believes sport can give everyone positive power, and he wants to bring this power to more people. His philosophy is essentially that life is a competition, life is a sport, and no matter how hard, near, or far the finishing point is, all that matters is that we put our 100% down. If we can manage to do that, “then anything is possible!”



Director & Editor: Kiki Yuan

Cameramen: Xia Qi & Shen Xi