Lingang Residents Welcome New Schools And Hospital

Parents are welcoming government steps to bring high quality schools to the Lingang New Area FTZ, and today marks the first in a series of steps to fulfill the plan with the opening of a new pre-school and primary school. Currently there are 14 pre-schools, primary and middle schools, with a combined enrollment of around 7,000 students. Also opening was Shanghai’s Sixth People’s Hospital East Xiayangshan Clinic, a new outpatient’s branch on the island, which is 32 kilometers off the south east coast of the mainland. The new facility will offer treatment facilities such as emergency room, x-ray, pharmacy, lab. Departments, and two ambulances, enough to treat common medical conditions and some emergencies like drowning or toxic chemical leaks. This facility greatly improves the lives of local people by not requiring them to make the long journey to the mainland for many medical situations. More than 10,000 people are employed by 48 companies on the island, as well as many visiting foreign crewmembers and maritime workers.



Source: Shanghai Lives, ICS