Local Schools Will Reopen On September 1

Local schools will reopen on September 1 after the summer vacation, education authorities in Shanghai said on Wednesday.


Vocational schools and colleges are being asked to stagger their reopening times to avoid overcrowding.


The Shanghai Education Commission is asking schools and colleges to continue to follow the city’s pandemic control measures. They are asked not to organize group activities and suspend activities such as military training and summer camps during the summer vacation.


Faculty and students are being asked to report their travel plans and health condition during the holiday and return to Shanghai 14 days ahead of the new semester to go through health observation at home.


Those who return from or have passed by middle or high-risk areas in China or who return from overseas have to quarantine for 14 days and taking nucleic acid tests.


In the new semester, schools will have to monitor temperatures and disinfect and ventilate classrooms and public areas regularly.


The next semester for primary to high schools in the city will cover 21 weeks, starting on September 1 and ending on January 22 next year. The winter vacation will start on January 23 and end on February 21.


Spring semester next year will be from February 22 to June 23. Summer vacation next year will be from July 1 to August 31.


Source: SHINE