Lu Bo Lang: History On A Plate

Located at the Zigzag Bridge at Shanghai’s Yuyuan Garden, the Lu Bo Lang restaurant was constructed in a 400-year-old building from the Ming dynasty. As the city’s favorite restaurant, Lu Bo Lang is known for having served many guests and heads of state including Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia and the Clinton family. After months of upgrading, it resumed business before the National Day holiday and opened its doors to the public.



The restored Ming and Qing architectural characteristics of the building gives the restaurant a distinctive look. Embracing the history of the place, the restaurant has kept the features intact and with cautious restoration efforts, have further highlighted their beauty.



As for the interior decoration, the unique geographical setting and the historical and cultural factors of Yuyuan Garden have all been taken into consideration. They have been ingeniously integrated into the décor.


The guests will also get a chance to try out new dishes that have been specially created by a team of experts. A total of 35 different cooking techniques are being used to produce dishes that are perfect blends of local and western flavors.



Lu ba Long invites you over, for an unforgettable dining experience.



Editor: Bonnie Lu