Market Mania In Shanghai

If you ask what’s been popular in Shanghai lately, then it has to be the different kinds of night markets popping up all over the city.


Some of the markets were just opened two weeks ago, but they have already been all over WeChat Moments, dominating cellphone screens.



Follow Aron to check out 2 of the most popular markets in town.


BFC Weekend Market


Located at the Bund Financial Center, the BFC Weekend Market is on Fengjing Road. Although the road is only 360 meters long, it covers over 110 brands from local to overseas. The market will be open until the end of the year.



If you’re a big fan of traditional local culture, then here is another option.


You only need to walk down a 900-meter long lane to find the quintessentially Chinese Yuyuan Market.



Yuyuan Market


Yuyuan is a place with a very long history and traditional vibe, so the items in the market here are all Chinese time-honored brands.



When night falls, the cultural performances here become the highlight of the market.



To ensure a safe environment for people, local markets have adopted emergency plans. All the markets are now equipped with infrared temperature measurements and people flow monitoring equipment. Visitors must have their temperatures taken when entering the markets. The venues are required to disinfect and take people flow-limiting measures.