Meet Shanghai, Meet Design

The Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts Intangible Cultural Heritage Cross-border fashion show was staged in the Central Hall of the Shanghai Exhibition Center. It featured 38 Intangible Cultural Heritage cross-border costumes, involving 18 Intangible Cultural Heritage techniques, created by 36 designers and Intangible Cultural Heritage inheritors. The beauty of intangible culture heritage, showing the beauty of Chinese traditional crafts.



The Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and PACC created the immersive public art installation, entitled “Maritime Silk Route,” with the theme of the “Sea.” Combining a number of intangible cultural heritage techniques, the audience experienced the sound of gentle and powerful waves, creating a calm and far-reaching sea effect.



Let us look at the sea and listen to the waves. Feel the blending and development of culture.


Editor: Yan Yihao (Intern)