Ministry Of Education Tighten Regulations For Education Websites And Apps

The Ministry of Education, along with seven other departments has announced new regulations for websites and Apps in the education sector. By the end of this year, all education websites and Apps must be registered. The aim is to cleanup what are described as questionable activities. With approximately 80 million students using such services, the online education market is expected to exceed 260 billion Yuan this year according to the Ministry. Questionable activities include excessive advertising and near monopololistic practices in some regions. Students should not be charged to use an App if required by the school to be used, according to Lei Chaozi, Director of the Science & Technology Department of the Ministry of Education. Some Apps have also been found providing pornographic material or vulgar information according to the National Office against Pornographic & Illegal Publications and these will be cleaned up or shut down swiftly. Other steps will include introducing a new standard to greater tighten privacy laws. Those in violation can expect to be strictly punished.


Source: Shanghai Live, ICS