Monkey King Heralds New SIFF

The 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival will be held from June 15th to the 24th. The theme poster which originated from the movie “Monkey King” has been officially released today. Does it bring back any childhood memories?



The color of the poster tries to restore the visual effect of the original. The opening waterfall is not only a transformation of the classic scene in the movie but also symbolizes the opening of this film festival. What’s more, the number “22” emphasizes the main figure’s sense of the contemporary.


The Monkey King has returned to the stage, and his eyes focus on the audience. It is a symbol of people’s expectations for the upcoming films.



Along with the poster, the first wave of films have also been announced:


Pay tribute to the master: Theo Angelo Pros
“Delivery”, “Reconstruction”, “Hunter”, “Beekeeper”, “Fog in the Scenery”, “The Grassland of Weeping”, “The Dust of Time”


-Pay tribute to the master: Robert Bresson
“Country Pastor Diary”, “Death Prison Break”, “Hands”, “The Judgment of Joan of Arc”, “Scorpio Bats”, “Muchet”, “The Gentle Woman”, “The Warrior Lansino”, “The Dreamer Four Nights”, “Money”


-Pay tribute to the master: Frederick Wiseman
“Morrovia of Indiana”, “The Lost Note of Titica”, “Dance: Ballet of the Paris Opera”, “In Berkeley”, “National Art Museum”


-SIFF Classic
Pandora’s Box


Editor:VIC & Lily