More Foreign Telecome Carriers To Come With Shanghai FTZ’s New Area

British Telecom (BT) became the first international telecommunications provider to be granted a nationwide license from the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The license allows BT to provide VPN and Internet services to foreign firms based here. There are already more than 120 foreign telecom firms currently in China; most of them providing value-added Internet services such as call centers, data centers and corporate VPN centers. According to Wang Chao, Vice Chair of the IEEE China Council “the emergence of foreign telecommunications carriers will energize the domestic industry and make the industry more diversified.” The energizing of the industry is expected to come soon according to the Ministry of Commerce who are expecting the opening of the Lin-gang New Special Area in Shanghai’s in FTZ to attract more foreign players which turn may allow China to have more influence with the global telecommunications industry. He Renlong, Chief Scientist with the Shanghai Academy of Information (East China Branch) believes the New FTZ provides many attractive benefits to foreign mobile carriers, including the possibility of being allowed to construct their own submarine cables and believes that by attracting more foreign carriers Shanghai’s reputation as an Internet gateway to Asia or even worldwide will become more likely.


Video Source: Money talks, ICS