More High-Speed Trains Running To BJ

Starting April 10th, three more Fuxing bullet trains will run between Beijing and Shanghai, including two starting from Shanghai Railway Station. The addition of a new station does much more to cut journey time for travelers than a speed increase. For some it can cut up to an hour off of total travel time compared to the taking off from Hongqiao Station.


Just be careful to double check your tickets! People used to only going to Hongqiao will have to be extra careful.




The “Fuxing” train, also known as “Rejuvenation,” is a new bullet train model mainly developed based on China’s railway standards and technologies, and aims to adapt to China’s environment and rail transport patterns.


The adoption of “Fuxing” trains in June has shortened the Beijing-Shanghai travel time to four hours and 24 minutes. Now the travel time between Beijing and Shanghai is reduced to four hours and 18 minutes. The travel time between Beijing and Hangzhou, and between Beijing and Hefei will be cut by 36 and 20 minutes, respectively, according to China Railway Corp.


Source:Shanghai Live, CGTN