Mouth-Watering Mastery With The Boss Of Baozi

Whether its on your morning commute or as a quick bite when you need it most, you’re never far from a trusty baozi shop.


However, the world’s favorite steamed bun snack is deceptive in its simplicity. Sure, you can get a decent baozi on just about every street corner in Shanghai, but when you’re eating a baozi made by a certified ‘Baozi Master’, it can be an extra-special experience.



Perfecting his steamed bun techniques for nearly 50 years now, Xin Guoxiang is one of China’s first certified master cooks, and to this day you can still taste his work – and see him at work – at Shanghai’s Meilongzhen restaurant. Find out a bit more about Mr. Xin, and hear a bit more of his history and techniques as a master snack cook.



Sounds like a very tasty heritage right? Next time you visit Nanjing road, look up Mr. Xin and discover how years of mastery and skill can elevate the simple, humble baozi.


Editor: Season Yao