Museums A New Way Of Life In The City

The data on Shanghai museums in 2018 was just released on the 24th. By the end of 2018, 131 museums had been registered in Shanghai, with a population of 24.2 million, which means a museum for every 185,000 people, much higher than the national average. Among them, there are 99 state-owned museums and 32 non-state-owned museums.



In terms of annual visits data, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum ranked first with 3.54 million visitors, followed by Shanghai Natural History Museum with 2.18 million visitors, and Shanghai Museum ranked third with more than 2.08 million visitors. The data also show that the public’s enthusiasm for visiting the red revolutionary museum continues to grow. In 2018, the city’s 30 revolutionary museums received 94.667 million visitors throughout the year, an increase of 132% over the previous year.



Among them, the memorial hall at the site of the First Congress of the Communist Party of China received 1.46 million visitors, with the highest daily reception exceeding 10,000, and the overall attendance increased by 1.5 times. In addition, Chen Yun Memorial Hall, Shanghai Lu Xun Memorial Hall, Shanghai Songhu Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall and the Memorial Hall of the Second Congress of the Communist Party of China were among the top ten museums by annual audience.



In 2018, 322 exhibitions were held citywide in museums, which received 11.4 million visitors. In terms of themed content, special exhibitions of art and natural science and technology were the most popular. For example, the Shanghai Museum’s “Landscapes of The Mind:  Masterpieces from Tate Britain” attracted about 620,000 visitors, and the Shanghai Natural History Museum’s “Nikola Tesla – The Man From Future” exhibition attracted about 317,000 visitors.



With their swelling numbers, museums are becoming a centerpiece of cultural life in China.