Names Frame Tiger Cubs’ Symmetry

Four Bengal tiger cubs at Shanghai Zoo have been named after public submissions.


The two male cubs have been named after typhoons Ampil and Jongdari.


The two females are Nan Guai and Nan Qiao after their mother Nan Nan.


The cubs were born on July 20.


Their parents, Yun Yun and Nan Nan, were presented to Shanghai Zoo by southwest China’s Yunnan Province in July 2016 to acknowledge friendship as well as co-operation in the protection of wildlife.


Zoo keepers report the cubs have started eating meat, are gaining weight, and exploring a new outside area.


The parents eat more than 5 kilograms of meat per day each, including beef and rabbit.


When Nan Nan became pregnant, she was fed extra beef and fresh milk, and a “delivery room” was prepared.


The zoo began the campaign for names in late August to raise public awareness of the cubs as well as of wildlife protection.


Source: SHINE