Nanpu Bridge Better And Better With Upgrades

Nanpu Bridge, the first bridge across the Huangpu River in Shanghai’s downtown area, has undergone continuous upgrades for the last four years. There have been 14 upgrades, including safety facilities, the main bridge, 11 gateways, and traffic monitoring.



Nanpu Bridge was put into use in 1991 as the second largest cable bridge in the world. The complexity and advanced level of technology were rare in bridge construction in China. After more than 20 years of use, the Nanpu Bridge experienced some problems such as component wear.




In addition to regular maintenance, the Nanpu Bridge has added a lot of new equipment. 203 sensors throughout the bridge reflect the structure and operational status of the bridge at any time.



Nanpu Bridge has a navigation function. In the 1990s, the Nanpu Bridge installed only five red lights on the outside of the main bridge as a navigation aid. According to the current national standards, a navigation aid sign is built to reduce the risk of the bridge being hit.



In order to prevent the bridge from deformation, the Nanpu Bridge is equipped with a device to relieve the thermal expansion and contraction of the bridge. Because of the uneven settlement of Pudong and Puxi ground and heavy traffic, the device on the west side of the bridge is seriously damaged and will replaced by a new type of a new material expansion device.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan