Ne Zha Gives Film Industry New Directions

Ne Zha, the tough little animated hero, is now the 4thhighest grossing film ever made by the Chinese Film industry with profits set to rise even further when the film debuts in North America.  Chinese animated films are now almost entirely created in China with only a small part being outsourced overseas according to Han Xiaofei, founder of Shanghai WL Production, one of the animation studios involved in making Ne Zha. He says today “China’s animation techniques are much better than countries that we once lagged behind.” With animation techniques on the rise, other movies such as Monkey King have also captured the spotlight. Behind the new wave of animation success is ENLIGHT MEDIA,which in 2015 set up a firm called ColoRoom Picturesto focus specifically on producing animated films. En Zha has become a phenomenon that is predicted to play a significant role in the further development of the China film industry as China’s audiences grow to expect more in story lines and plots as well as animation quality.  Although investors are showing more interest in sophisticated plot lines and production values in animation films, there is still a long way to go for China’s animated moviemakers.


Source: Money Talks, ICS