New AI Technologies On Display At World Artificial Intelligence Conference

The 3-day World Artificial Intelligence Conference, WAIC, ended yesterday. The highly successful conference provided a look into the future and highlighted many new and groundbreaking technologies including transportation and public services.  While past exhibitors like Microsoft, Amazon and Huawei were back in attendance, new participants such as Tesla and IBM were drawn to this year’s event. Exhibitions and displays illustrating and explaining the importance of AI and its applications caught the attention of thousands of attendees. Ranging from everyday benefits in health, lifestyle and even self-driving cars, the exhibits included a calorie counting scanner, a wet-garbage processor that turns waste into gas and chemicals which are converted into odorless fertilizer many times faster than normal, through to a simulated astronaut walking on the moon that could replicate your very own movements, a popular display created by IBM to celebrate the 50th anniversary of man’s first steps. This year’s WAI Conference was less like a sci-fi movie and more an indication of how life is actually improving through the many innovations coming into our lives at a dizzying pace. Who knows what next year’s conference will bring, but one thing is for sure, it promises to be even more eye-opening than this years.



Source: Shanghai Live, ICS