New Exhibitions For An Arty New Year!

Only three days left in 2018, do you know how you’re going to welcome in 2019? Well luckily for Shanghai residents there’s much more in store than simply going out for drinks or staying in streaming movies. Get your 2019 off to a cultural start with some very interesting exhibitions going on around town.



500 Years Of Western Paintings —— Collection of Tokyo Fuji Art Museum



This exhibition, co-organized by Shanghai Powerlong Museum, gathers masterpieces by more than 50 Western artists including Bellini, Peter Paul Rubens, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Joseph Mallord William Turner, Giorgio Morandi, Chagall, Warhol, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin, Picasso, Goya, Manet, Monet and more. Learn the story of Western art’s evolution over 500 years.


Venue: Shanghai Powerlong Museum

Date: 2019. 1.12-4.30



The Fashion Aesthetics Of Yanxi Palace



Hit TV drama Yanxi Palace delights audiences not just for its intriguing story; the costumes have viewers hooked as well. See some of the clothing and accessories used on the show at this fashionable expo.


Venue: Bund 22, 2F

Date: 2018.12.30-2019.1.30



Tango Solo Art Exhibition



With over a million followers on social media, the comic artist Tango’s first solo exhibition looks to attract scores of people to come and see his unique style of paintings and sculptures.


Venue: Xintiandi Plaza

Date: 2018.12.21-2019.2.18



Sober Animals



An immersive exhibition from arts collective Dreamer from Beijing, Sober Animals shows a new definition of what zoos can be.


Venue: L+ Mall

Date: 2018.12.23-2019.3.24






The exhibition Heteroglossia showcases artworks by ten artists from different countries and regions around the world. Their practices have been exposed to the general influence of Chinese culture, yet they have evolved along different trajectories by incorporating their distinct historical experience, memories, and identities.


Venue: How Art Museum

Date: 2018.11.7-2019.2.17






The exhibition Herstory is telling the stories of different women and how they deal with self-doubt, self-discovery and transformation.


Venue: Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Date: 2018.12.16-2019.1.27


Wishing you a Happy New Year in 2019!


Source: Eastday

Editor: Bonnie Lu