New Lighting Twinkling Along The Bund

As the evening approached, the blue lamplights of Huangpu River’s levee and the yellow landscape lights of the Bund illuminated simultaneously.



The Bund’s twenty-seven historical buildings, as well as the 1.2-kilometer-long Waibaidu Bridge, witness the history and the development of Shanghai. They were the first part to be renovated. The magnificent light show and music attracted many tourists.



The light show has three different modes: ordinary days, holidays and midnight.


The modes have quite different designs. Some illuminate the architecture, some depict the flow of the river, and others tell tourists the city’s stories. All these designs add brilliance to the elegant architecture, making the Bund even more splendid.



To present such a view, all the lights are well-designed. All are customized to ensure that the tourists cannot discover them so that they can still appreciate the original beauty of the buildings. Such motivation enables the Bund to deliver a brand new image.



It is said that this renovation aims to welcome the coming China International Import Expo(CIIE). The opening ceremony will take place during the CIIE and themed light shows will be unveiled at that time.



Editor: Lily

Source: Xinmin Evening News