New Looks For Old Cultural Venues

More and more cultural venues around Shanghai are getting upgrades and facelifts in order to provide future generations with unforgettable moments. Starting from today, Shanghai Concert Hall is the latest of these places to go under the knife as it begins a 10-month renovation period.



In addition to the Shanghai Concert Hall, here are other classic entertainment venues getting fitted out with new and improved facilities.


Yihai Theatre


One of the cultural landmarks of Jiangning Road, Yihai Theatre announced on its official WeChat that in September 2019 it will debut a new and updated look.



Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center


To date, the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center has entertained more than 7 million visitors, and has recently re-opened after an extensive renovation that started in November 2017.



Yi Fu stage


This renowned venue for Peking Opera, is a historical relic, and has been spreading passion for the art form in its renovated facilities since reopening after renovations in March 2018.



Looking for a bit of live theater in Shanghai? Well you can’t say there nothing to do or see when you’ve got the world at your fingertips with all of these famous venues ready for your patronage!


Source: Eastday

Editor: Dong Yihua (Intern)