New Metro Plans Approved Include Chongming Island Line

The Shanghai Metro line will finally connect to Chongming Island.


The National Development and Reform Commission approved the construction plan of the third phase of the city’s Metro network on Wednesday. The Chongming Line is included in the plan, along with the planning of another eight lines.


According to the plan, the Chongming Line will run between Jinji Road Station in the Pudong New Area and Yu’an Road in Chenjia Town of Chongming, covering 44.6 kilometers and eight stations. Construction is scheduled to take five years.


Trains on the Chongming Line will have ten carriages and a speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour.


But it is not yet time to celebrate. Shanghai Shentong Metro Group said that although the plan has been approved, the exact starting date of construction is still on the table. The stations and train model planned for the line have also yet to be finalized.


Another eight lines also in the plan are lines 19, 20, 21, and 23, plus extensions on lines 1 and 13, the airport line and the Jiamin line.


Line 19, from Hongjian Road Station to Baoyang Road Station, will cover 44.5 kilometers and 32 stops.


Line 20, from Jinchang Road Station to Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park Station, will cover 19.8 kilometers and 16 stops.


Line 21, from Chuansha Road Station to Dongjing Road Station, will cover 28 kilometers and 16 stops.


Line 23, from Minhang Development Zone Station to the Shanghai Stadium Station, will cover 28 kilometers and 22 stops.


The west extension of Line 13, from Jinyun Road Station to Zhuguang Road Station, will cover 9.8 kilometers and five stops.


The west extension of Line 1 will feature an extra station on Humin road where passengers can transfer to the Jiamin Line.


The airport line, from Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub to planned Shanghai East Railway Station, will cover 68.6 kilometers and nine stops.


The Jiamin Line, from North Jiading Station to North Xinzhuang Station, will cover 41.6 kilometers and 15 stops.


By 2030, the Shanghai Metro network will cover 1,642 kilometers, a number that is expected to exceed 2,000 by 2035.


Source: SHINE