New Parks And Things To Do In The City

For more things to do and see in the city, a couple of new parks are springing up. Perhaps some sunny afternoon you and some friends can go walking, running or even skateboarding through one.



Changning is now home a few new parks currently in development: Zhongxinjing Park, Hong Qiao Sports Park, Linkong Skateboard Park and Linkong Music Park. People looking for something to do in that district now have a lot of activities to choose from.


Zhongxinjing Park covers an area of 29900 square meters features Huizhou-style buildings and landscaping that will have visitors believing they are walking through the Anhui countryside.



Hongqiao Sports Park is divided into two parts: aboveground and underground space. Aboveground is focused on green ecology and ecological protection while the underground space houses a sports center hall, swimming pool and commercial area.



Linkong skateboard park is adjacent to Suzhou River and covers an area of 24000 square meters. The park is mainly about spring scenery and autumn color-changing plants highlighting the theme of “green, extreme skateboarding and water loving platform”, and will play host to extreme skateboarding competitions and flea markets.



Linkong Music Park covers an area of 99000 square meters, and is where music lovers will be able to spend countless afternoons taking in the sounds of live music from one of the stages being built there.



Wait for more information about when these parks are planning to be opened to the public, but in the meantime, start polishing off your walking shoes and skateboards!


Editor: Stella(Intern)