New, Quicker, Cheaper Huangpu Cruise Line Opens

Visitors now have more choices when they take Huangpu River cruises as a new cruise tour route is now under trial operation.


The new route operates from 11am to 10pm every day and starts from Jinling Road E. Transport Pier, passing Shiliupu Marina to the Laomatou, and then returns to Jinling Road E. via Dongchang Road Pier.


Compared with the 50-minute traditional cruise tour which costs 120 yuan (US$18), the new route takes visitors on a shorter 30-minute trip. The price of the new route is also cheaper at around 60 yuan before 6pm and 80 yuan after.


While the time is almost halved, visitors won’t miss out on a single attraction along both sides of the Huangpu River.


Chen Yingqiang and his family from Guangzhou tried out the new route on Saturday night. He said after days of rain, it was good to finally see the night view of the Bund and Lujiazui, which were both lit up.


“They told me the ticket price is 60 yuan for the night trips because it is still under trial operation,” said Chen. “My 4-year-old niece got a free ticket.”


The pier that the new cruise tour used at Jingling Road E is right beside the ferry wharf. Previously some illegal tour guides would try to trick non-local visitors to take the ferry, which cost only 2 yuan and was only a 10-minute trip that took passengers to the Dongchang Road ferry wharf in the Pudong New Area.


On the other hand, the boats used on the new cruise tour route have 150 seats. The interior decoration is also better.


“Those illegal tour guides would tell visitors that the ferry was the cruise tour and charge them 120 yuan,” said Li Hua, customer-service manager of Shanghai’s ferry company.


The ferry boats are used to commute passengers to cross the river. People take their bikes on the boats and seating is limited. Not to mention visitors will miss out on sightseeing spots as the ferry commutes directly between the two wharves.


Li said since the new cruise tour route opened, both the cruise company and Shanghai ferry have taken measures to prevent such illegal acts.


Huge billboards and digital screens are set up at the pier to guide passengers and visitors to the right wharf.


“Even if an illegal tour guide again brings visitors to the pier, they will be able to tell the tour guide is lying,” Li said.


Source: SHINE