Next Generation Bonding At Summer Camp

The 2019 Shanghai International Sister-City Youth Summer Camp kicked off last night at the Children’s Palace in Changning District. From now until July 30, a cross-cultural dialogue will be held in Shanghai between 91 teachers and students from 16 international sister-cities and their counterparts from local high schools. They are going to gather together, sharing friendship and forming mutual understantding.



The Shanghai International Sister-City Youth Summer Camp has marched into its successful tenth session since 2009. Its goal is to make education further internationalized, carry forward the profound history, culture and traditions of China, enhance the soft power, competitiveness and influence of Shanghai as an international metropolis, and promote international communication and cooperation between Shanghai and international sister-cities, especially among young people.



There have been 1,015 teachers and students from 38 international sister-cities who have participated, consolidating the friendship and cooperation between Shanghai and its international sister-cities. While learning and enjoying Chinese culture, a friendly bond has also been built, tightly connecting students and teachers from China and abroad.



During this year’s summer camp, aside from Chinese, there are also traditional Chinese cultural courses such as Tai Chi, nunchaku, Chinese painting, calligraphy, tea art, pottery, Chinese knots and engraving. These interactive activities at night serve as a platform where Chinese and foreigners can show their talents.



Chinese and foreign teenagers will also participate in a tour along the Huangpu River, visit the Pearl of the Orient Tower, watch circus performances, and gain an in-depth understanding of Chinese traditional culture in the first ‘Drama Night’. A variety of colorful activities such as dragon boat races, summer water carnivals and inspirational excursions will also be held in the summer youth camp.



Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan