Nishimatsu Koei: Believing In The Promise Of Pudong

Shanghai Morimatsu Group has been a part of Pudong right from the start.


Shanghai Morimatsu Group was the first ever foreign-funded enterprise in Pudong New Area. This might not seem that significant now, but in 1990 it was a significant leap of faith to invest there. Pudong has evolved into one of the iconic images of Shanghai, but it wasn’t that long ago it was undeveloped. The vaunted Lujiazui skyline used to just be a group of low-rise buildings.


Nishimatsu Koei, General Manager of Shanghai Morimatsu, remembers the project from the beginning. So much has changed, even their first factory would now be underwater now. What started out as a long-term commitment, hoping to make good in generations, blossomed into amazing success with the rapid boom of the Chinese economy after reform and opening up.



Nishimatsu Koei has received the Magnolia Silver Award last year, one of the highest honors the city can bestow upon a foreigner, not only for his good work, but to recognize the company for its commitment to Pudong, and faith in the promise of reform and opening up.


by gu