Non-Alcoholic Beer Pushes Into China Market

China is a nation of beer lovers, but although common overseas, non-alcoholic beer has yet to become a favorite here. While it is possible to buy beer from every country in the world in Shanghai, only one foreign non-alcoholic beer is sold here, and that is from Holland.


In interviews with male bar patrons, the idea of drinking non-alcoholic beer seemed a little fanciful. According to one popular bar manager, the only customers who asked for it were women who drink it is a beverage like any other drink. It seems domestic brewers, including brewing giants like Tsingtao and Snow, despite having tried, found that the demand did not warrant continuing the product, so now only one domestic brewer is producing it.


Founder of Noah’s Trading Company, David Li, says the brewing process involved in making non-alcoholic beer is different and more expensive because it requires extra steps, and with demand being low, brewers see no incentive to enter that market, especially while profits for traditional beers are showing healthy profits.


Video Source: Money Talks