Not Participating CIIE Is Wrong, President Of UCCI Says

We believe that the China International Import Expo is an important international event in 2018 and that it is wrong to say “no” to it. We are preparing, and I personally want to be there. With the joint efforts of members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ukraine will select an entrepreneur delegation. We will continue to attend it in the future. The expo will play an important role in broadening the economic and trade relations between the two countries.


The expo is expected to provide a new impetus for the development of bilateral economic and trade relations.


China is not only Ukraine’s largest partner in Asia, but also one of its largest economic partners across the world. China boasts the largest population of any country and is a world leader in terms of economic indicators. The Ukrainian business community believes that participating in the expo is a great opportunity. We have thus begun to prepare for participation. We expect the expo to provide a new impetus for the development of bilateral economic and trade relations. I am happy to see that in 2017 the two countries have made great achievements in developing economic and trade relations. In terms of trade, the trade volume between the two countries has increased by 15% in the first 10 months (we are still doing calculations for the whole year) and shows great potential for the future. Ukraine is interested in this idea and we look forward to the expo. The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to work together with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and other government departments for the purpose of preparation. This expo is an important measure for developing relations between China and Ukraine.


China’s efforts to promote trade and investment contribute to world stability and development.


China is one of the largest economies in the world and an important advocate of free trade. I think it is very important, as it helps the world to distribute its wealth more evenly and promote mutual investment. From my point of view, China’s desire to promote trade and investment is essential in the next decade. I believe that Ukraine is more willing than ever to cooperate with countries along the Silk Road, such as China, so as to modernize, improve production technology, and enter third-country markets. This cooperation will contribute to world stability and trade development.


Ukrainian achievements will be displayed at the China International Import Expo.


The expo is an opportunity to showcase Ukrainian exports. The Ukrainian agricultural industry has great potential. We want to display the traditional products that China is familiar with, especially food and agricultural products. Moreover, as we all know, China and Ukraine enjoy great scientific and technological strength. The two countries cooperate on projects related to aircraft production, machinery manufacturing, and scientific research. The Ukrainian achievements we want to exhibit at the expo will help our enterprises find new partners as much as possible. To this end, I have worked with various ministries and commissions to formulate a set of programs. We are actively preparing for and holding various seminars, promotional meetings, advertisements, etc. in order to acquaint Ukrainian companies and the business community there with the significance of the expo and to encourage them to participate in this significant international event.


Source: Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ukraine