Now Playing: The 4D Panda Experience

The Shanghai Science and Technology museum is getting ready to present their 10th animated movie in 4D, starting from this Friday 15 September.


The film, entitled Panda Roller-Journey to New Home runs for 17 minutes, with ticket prices set at 30 RMB.



Panda Roller-Journey to New Home is the story of a panda named Gungun (titular character Panda Roller) embarking on a journey to find a new bamboo forest in which to live.


By screening the film, the museum hopes to direct public attention to the plight of the approximately 1,846 remaining pandas living in the wild here in China.



The 4D elements of the film that enhance the story include small splashes of water, stellar sound quality and heavy vibrations as Gungun searches for a new place to call home, and features Chinese singer Tan Weiwei as voice talent in her first ever animated role.


Editor: Kiki Yuan