Now, Tourism Apps, Codes To Have Bilingual Info

Digital tour guide applications and QR codes are required to carry bilingual information on the city’s historic buildings and sites, according to a notice issued yesterday by the Shanghai Tourism Administration.


By the end of this year, 391 historic buildings, 31 residences of famous personalities and 12 historic and cultural protected areas in six districts in Shanghai will have QR codes that produce tourist information in English and Chinese, according to tourism authorities.



The QR codes are being set on some buildings and areas already, allowing tourists to access bilingual information and multimedia on their smartphones. Tourist sites and operators are also encouraged to create materials in additional languages.


Digital guide services should be supported by all major mobile devices and wireless communication conditions, the notice added. Tourism apps and QR codes should also provide tourists with information about nearby parking, public toilets and barrier-free facilities, among other amenities.


“The project allows people to ‘read’ architecture, and aims to lift the tourism standards of the city, and give tourists a better travel experience… both online and offline,” said Xu Weiwan, director of the administration.


In Jing’an District, QR codes with tourism information have already been placed on nearly 40 sites, including the Shanghai Exhibition Center, the site of the Second National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the former residence of artist Wu Changshuo, Moller Villa and the Majestic Theatre.


Source: SHINE