Office Workers Get Into Garbage Sorting

Shanghai World Financial Center, a popular tourist destination and office complex, has mobilized everyone in the building to get into garbage sorting.


Garbage regulations take effect on July 1, and anyone who randomly throws out garbage after that will be punished. Individuals can be fined up to 200 yuan (US$30) for failure to sort garbage.


During lunch break on Wednesday, staff from the property management company handed out leaflets and told workers in the building how to sort their garbage, with some interactive games, such as sticking the right magnets to the right boards. Winners of the games got recycling bags.


Some staff wore trash can costumes to play hazardous waste, food waste, recyclable waste and residual waste.


“We’ve trained for two months to know how to sort out garbage,” said Wang Ziwen, from the property management company.


“It’s confusing that plastic waste bag is categorized as residual waste instead of plastic which can be recycled. Also, tissues are residual waste, but used paper is recyclable,” he explained.


Shanghai World Financial Center has further divided recyclable waste into four categories — glass, metal, paper and plastics. Next week, each floor of the office building has seven trash cans.


Source: SHINE