One More Coronavirus Case Reported In Shanghai

One coronavirus case was reported in Shanghai during the last 12 hours, as of midday Thursday. The new case is a close contact of a confirmed patient, said the Shanghai Health Commission.


Shanghai provides updated information on the coronavirus epidemic every 12 hours.


Meanwhile, another 31 suspected cases were ruled out, according to the health commission.


The newly diagnosed case is a resident of Minhang District.


So far, the city has reported 334 infections and ruled out 1,979 suspected cases.


Among all confirmed patients, aged between 7 months and 88 years old, 144 have traveled or lived in Hubei Province, 33 have traveled or lived in other regions, and 157 had contact history with infected persons.


A total of 110 patients are from outside the city, while 224 are local residents, which includes those with registered residency and people staying in the city for over six months.


According to the commission, 118 patients are stable, two are in serious condition and 13 are critical. A total of 199 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospital.


There have been two local fatalities, and another 105 suspected cases are undergoing tests.


Zheng Jin, a spokeswoman for the commission, said the city started to launch “zero reporting” mechanism on fever patient screening from Thursday. Every community and company must carry out epidemic monitoring and screening for early detection, quaratine, diagnosis and treatment of people with coronavirus infection.


“With more companies and enterprises starting to resume operation, the flow of commuters and incomers is gradually returning to normal levels. The challenges for epidemic prevention and control are still tough, so we will maintain the management of office buildings and residential complexes according to law for coronavirus prevention and control,” said Zheng. “All epidemic prevention and control measures must be kept, even though coronavirus cases remain low in recent days.”