Osmanthus Blooms As Temperature Drops

The September air is filled with the aroma of early varieties of osmanthus, which has flowered at Shanghai Botanical Garden in Xuhui District.


The debut of the tiny pale yellow and white blooms this year is a week earlier than last year because of the current temperature drop, said Wang Yuqin, a botanist at the garden.


“The flowering of osmanthus is closely related to the temperature drop compared with rain as temperature drop is a prerequisite of osmanthus blooming,” he added.


A wave of osmanthus flowering is expected between September 8 and 12, he said.


Meanwhile, heavy rain and gales are expected in east areas of Shanghai on Friday with total rainfall reaching 30 to 50 milliliters under the influence of typhoon Lingling, the city’s meteorological bureau said.


The bureau expects Lingling to pass areas at the same latitude as Shanghai on Friday night. The center of Lingling will be about 250 to 350 kilometers from Huinan Town in the Pudong New Area at that time, the bureau said.


Temperatures should range between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius on Friday.


On Saturday, showers are forecast with temperatures from 24 to 29 degrees.


The following three days will also see rain, according to the bureau.


On Sunday, temperatures could rise to 30 degrees with a low of 25 with showers and cloudy conditions.


On Monday, a thunder shower is forecast, with high temperatures dropping by degree.


Source: SHINE