“Painting” The Sounds Of The City

Generally, we can only feel the noise around us. But if you “paint” the noise and turn it into a map, then everyone can “listen” to the sound of the whole city by looking at the picture.





How to draw a city noise map?




Simply put, it is to turn noise into color. In the laboratory of the Municipal Academy of Environmental Sciences, you’ll find out that the “city noise map” is like a canvas, with 12 colors in the form of lines or blocks, unevenly distributed in the urban area of Shanghai. These 12 colors correspond to a certain intensity of noise. For example, the area where the noise is over 40 decibels but no more than 45 decibels is showed with dark green; where the noise is greater than 60 decibels but no more than 65 decibels is painted with red. With these colors, you can “listen” to the distribution of high and low noise.





The Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences has developed the first urban noise map management system that can automatically update. The system is called the first moveable “urban noise map”, and it shows a panoramic view of the noise in the inner city of Shanghai. This could be a lifesaver if you’re looking for a quiet night out. No more road construction spoiling the mood!