Peach Season Approaches

As July temperatures start to increase, the popular juicy peaches of Nanhui Town in the Pudong New Area are ripening.


The agricultural commission of Pudong has reported the peaches will be available in markets from July 12.


The commission is confident that the peaches this year will be sweeter and juicier than last year.


However, because of the changing climate and the age of the trees, the harvest will be lower.


“We have prepared three different packages, one with eight peaches in the box, the other with 12, the last one is a mixed box weighing roughly 5 kilograms,” said Sun Xin from the commission.


“All three packages weigh pretty much the same because of the size of the peaches.”


The eight-peach boxes are expected to sell fast.


The peaches will be sold in Hema Fresh stores, Suning stores and supermarkets in shopping malls such as ifc.


Meanwhile, as there are 49 cooperatives in the town farming 18.66 square kilometers of land, not all the peaches will be good enough to be branded Nanhui Town.


Lesser-quality peaches will be sold at local fruit and vegetable markets at lower prices.


The commission expects the main harvest to last from July 15 to 25.


The sale will end on August 2.


Source: SHINE