Planetarium Will Be An Eyeful

The under-construction Shanghai Planetarium, set to be the largest in the world, will open in 2021.


Work on the planetarium, in the Lingang area of the Pudong New Area, started on November 8, 2016. To date, the steel frame has been completed, while civil construction and mechanical and electrical installations are nearly finished.


At present, workers are installing curtain walls and decorating the interior space, according to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, which is in charge of the planetarium.


The 38,164-square-meter planetarium will be the world’s largest of its kind once it is completed.


It consists of three structures for three celestial bodies — the Oculus, the Inverted Dome and the Sphere. The three are connected in a clever way. They will form a “giant astronomical instrument that displays time based on the changes of light and shadow.”


Inside the structures, there is a solar tower, an observation base for youth and a 1-meter-diameter telescope, among other facilities and equipment.


Source: SHINE