Plans Unveiled For The Next CIIE!

The run up to the next China International Import Expo (CIIE) is already well underway, as it enters its 300-day countdown and plans for the layout of the new venue have already been released!



The organizers, exhibition date and the venue for the second CIIE will be the same as the first one. The total exhibition area for the second CIIE will be larger than the first one, in which the exhibition area for the national pavilions will be 30, 000 square meters.



The exhibition area for the enterprise and business exhibition will be expanded. It will be split up into seven areas: tech, automotive, outdoor equipment, health care, quality lifestyle, services, and food and agricultural products.


With the raging success of the first CIIE, the second one is sure to bring even more of a boom to the Chinese economy and raise the quality-of-life of Chinese people to heretofore unseen heights!


Source: Knews

Editor: Bonnie Lu