Pudong Airport, Your New Culinary Destination

Travelers from all over the world don’t have to wait long at all to get an authentic taste of Shanghai. As soon as they step off the plane, there is a sampler of all of Shanghai’s time-honored brands waiting for them right there in the airport.





It’s all part of a plan to introduce to the depth and breadth of Shanghai culture. There are brands like Meilongzhen Jiujia, Lvyangcun, Guangmingcun Da Jiujia, and Red House all available.


Meilongzhen Jiujia,Sanhuang Chicken


Lvyangcun, Baozi


Zhenlaodafang, Fresh Pork Mooncake


Guangmingcun Da Jiujia, Small Wonton


Although the event ends today, it’s part of a series of cultural events at the Pudong Airport. There are coffee, tea, and ham festivals coming soon, and even a food and culture museum already there to enjoy. Travelers, rejoice, for you are now free from having to grab a bite at Burger King.




Editor: Xue Guanpu