Pudong’s 29th Birthday

The modern iteration of Pudong New District was created on April 18th, 1990, and a lot has changed since then. Let’s take a look at this “post-90s” growth album. Everyone will be amazed at the changes!


The Huangpu River is still flowing eastward while the landscape on the shore has changed dramatically.



Take a look at a photograph of the old Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower and the current one.



The Seagull Gate witnessed changes from the bonded zone to the free trade zone.



The Zhangjiang Area was an endless farmland in the 1980s; now, it is creating the most livable science city.


Located in Pudong’s Nanhui New City, the construction of Di Shui Lake started in 2002. Recently, it was selected as the most beautiful lake in Yangtze River Economic Belt.



Shanghai Disney Resort is the first Disney park resort in mainland China. On April 7th, 2011, groundbreaking began at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort site. The resort opened to the public in June, 2016.



The Minsheng dock granary has made a perfect transformation into an Oriental Broadway.



The Pudong Library receives more than 10,000 “bookworms” every day, and it often reaches more than 20,000 people on weekends and summers.



Shanghai Oriental Art Center is like a beautiful Phalaenopsis, and it has been well-known at home and abroad since it opened in 2005.



We are thankful for the progress, and looking forward to what the future brings!


Source: Shanghai Fa Bu

Editor: Chen Shuang