Racing Through Chongming Island

The annual Tour of Chongming Island Women’s WorldTour will come to this ecological island again in May! The international women cycling world tour of 2019 will be held from May 9 to 11. This year, Chongming is the 10th stop of the 2019 UCI Women’s World Tour, 23 stops in total. And the first stop of multi-day competition with a total distance of about 347.7 km.



According to the rules of Union Cycliste Internationale, the women’s world tour only provides two places for the national team to participate in the competition, and the rest are all professional UCI registered teams.



The organizing committee finally determined 18 teams from 14 countries and regions to participate in the competition. All of them were in top classes of the world tour in 2018, including 11 teams from Europe, two teams from America, one team from Oceania and four teams from Asia. The Chinese national team and the Hong Kong team of China will also participate again.



This competition is inspired from the races in France and Italy, with a few changes: the first section passes through the beautiful inland lake – Mingzhu Lake, about 102.7 kilometers; the second section starts from Phoenix Park in Changxing Town, and returns to Xincheng Park through the magnificent Yangtze River Bridge, Dongtan Avenue and Chenjiazhen Bicycle Theme Park, covering 126.6 kilometers. The race route starts from the starting point like the race in France and Italy, cycling around Chongming Island, and then enters the circle stage of the city, so as to make the design of the race closer to the international standards.


Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan