Record Rain For December

The rain has come to an end, but not before Shanghai experienced nine consecutive rainy days, with the cumulative precipitation as high as 82.8 mm, setting a new record for the first ten days of December.


Another round of cold air just came to the city. Seasonal cold will cut the low by 5 degrees Celsius to 3 today and the chill will last through Friday, when the high will go back above 10 degrees. According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, there have now been five days with an average temperature below 10 degrees, which will make last Friday (December 7) was the first day of winter.



Due to the weather, the popularity of hot springs is heating up. Soaking in hot springs increases your blood flow, circulation, metabolism, and absorption of essential minerals. Recently, Shanghai Tour Bus Center offers three new lines of Hot-Spring Tours: Tangfeng hot spring in Wuyi , Hangkong Town hot spring in Jiande and Yunman hot spring near Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.


Start planning your holidays now, and maybe consider a dip in the hot springs to refresh body and soul.


Source: Eastday

Editor: Zhu Yan