Relocation Celebration For Zhangyuan Residents

Even though Spring Festival has come and gone, a festive spirit still remains in Zhangyuan Lane in Jing’an district.



Tucked away on the corner of Wujiang and Taixing roads and less than 100 meters from the bustling West Nanjing Road, Zhang Yuan, or Zhang’s Garden was a large country house that once belonged to a British businessman. In 1882, he sold it to a Wuxi native named Zhang Shuhe, who rebuilt the estate and turned it into a garden for public use. It is a cluster of shikumen-style houses surrounded by modern high-rises.



At 7:50 this morning, the first batch of inhabitants of Zhangyuan moved out in the rain as part of a relocation program for residents. The leaders of Jing’an District came to the scene to say goodbye to the residents and send their best wishes.



At relocation ceremony, large adorned with red silk flowers lined up as resident representatives handed over a thank-you letter to the leaders for the district government’s great work in improving residents’ living conditions. District leaders in return presented a porcelain dish bearing a painted picture of the architecture of Zhang Yuan No. 77. Then, the nine trucks slowly drove out of the lane and thus the first groups relocated residents of Zhangyuan set off on their new lives.



According to the report, the old land requisition of Zhangyuan came into effect one month ago. Up to now, 97.33% residents have signed the relocation contract and are now at the moving out stage. The historical buildings of Zhangyuan will be preserved and protected.


Source: Xinmin Evening News

Editor: Zhu Yan