Remember Your Ticket To Enjoy Lantern Festival At Yuyuan Garden

Folk cultural activities including lantern shows and the guessing of lantern riddles will be held at parks and tourist attractions across Shanghai to celebrate the Lantern Festival, which falls on February 19 this year.




Colorful lanterns have already illuminated Yuyuan Garden, one of the most renowned tourist sites in Huangpu District. With a theme that revolves around family, city and country, there are 39 installations, including a 9-meter-tall pig dressed like the god of wealth, marking the Year of the Pig alongside thousands of lamps.



To ensure order and safety, the garden will be closed at certain times from Friday to February 19, and only ticket holders will be allowed entry. Ticket prices range from 30 yuan (US$6.76) to 80 yuan for those days. You can buy the tickets online to reduce queue time.


There will be three entrances on Yuyuanxin Road, Bailing Road, and near Shanghai Classical Hotel and Tonghanchun drugstore.


The garden will be closed from 4pm on February 15, Friday and February 18, Monday, and from 2pm on Feb 16, 17 and 19. Tickets stop selling around 22:30pm to 23:00. Have a nice Lantern Festival!



Editor: Zoey