Rise And Shine! It’s Time For The ‘Awakening Of The Insects’

In the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, the year is divided into 24 different solar terms, and starting today, we enter the Jing Zhe term, otherwise known as the ‘Awakening of the Insects’.



The third solar term so far this year, Jing Zhe (‘Jing’ meaning awakening; ‘Zhe’ referring to hibernating bugs) is the time of year when animals and insects begin waking up from their annual winter slumber.



The Awakening of Insects coincides with rising temperatures and increased rainfall, when the earth comes back to life and farming resumes in fields across the country. It’s a very important time for farmers, seen by many as providing ideal natural conditions for farming.



During this time, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that our bodies can be ill affected by the rapid rise in temperature and recommend eating pears for their cooling and hydrating properties. Cooked with coarse sugar, pears make a tasty and healthy Chinese dessert that also helps soothe the throat and suppress coughs – a must try during this time of year.



Editor: Chi Yiting (Intern)